Build a conversational interface for your retail brand. Drive traffic. Increase customer loyalty. And lower costs.

Leverage our state of the art deep learning algorithms to deploy a voice or text chatbot that helps shoppers find the right product, track orders and get answers to frequently asked questions. With very high accuracy!

Retail Use Cases

Common conversational use cases in Retail where a chatbot can be used to assist shoppers

Shopping Assistant

Conversational/Voice Commerce

Customers can find exactly the product they are looking for, both online and in-store, simply by speaking or chatting with a virtual shopping assistant. The assistant can find the right product for the customer and even place the order online.

Order Tracking

On a host of messaging and voice platforms, shoppers can track the status of their orders from order confirmation to delivery and get notifications when order status changes.

Deals & Offers

Customers can opt-in to receiving deals and offers for a particular product, category or the site overall. The deals would then be delivered on their favorite messaging app or voice assistant. They  can have an interactive dialog with the bot to find the right deal.

Booking appointment

Customer Service

A Passage AI powered bot can help answer frequently asked questions like how to return or exchange an item, shipping policies or changing payment methods. When the bot is unable to respond, it can seamlessly handoff to a live agent.


Pre-trained Models & Retail Taxonomy

We have developed pre-trained deep learning models and a deep taxonomy that can help your bot perform at high accuracy

Product Catalog

  • Category
  • Product Attributes


  • Change Information
  • Login Issues
  • Payment Options
  • Personal Information


  • Notifications
  • Pay with app

Retail Charge Card

  • Card Application
  • Card Payments
  • Limit Increases
  • Replacement Credit Card Request


  • Agent Request
  • FAQ pages


  • Billing
  • Cancel or change order
  • Shipping options
  • Returns
  • Exchanges
  • Track Order

Rewards Program

  • Payment options

Website Questions

  • Pricing & Product questions

Platform Highlights


  • High accuracy (up to 95+% in field tests)
  • Native NLP support for 100+ languages
  • Text and voice capabilities
  • Fast and easy deployment
  • One-stop bot building, training, deployment, and analytics in the same console.


  • Deep vertical focus
  • State of the art deep learning
  • Zero-code bot builder
  • Intents, webhooks, decision trees, knowledge bases

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