Introducing Teslabot v 2.0 – a Passage AI chatbot powered by Smartcar’s API

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Some time ago, our friends at Smartcar developed Teslabot, a chatbot that allows Tesla owners to control their Tesla cars in real time. Today, we’re proud to launch a second version of this virtual assistant, powered by Smartcar’s API and Passage AI’s language processing software.

What is Teslabot?

Teslabot is a Facebook Messenger chatbot for Tesla owners, built on top of Smartcar’s API. The assistant’s first version offered quite a few features, including:

  • Lock and unlock ? “Hey Elon, lock my car!” – Of course, you can use your car keys or the Tesla app to lock and unlock your car, but why do that if you can message Elon, your personal AI assistant, via Facebook Messenger?
  • Locate ?? Forgot where you parked your car? The answer is just one question away.
  • Read odometer ⏲ Easily check how many miles you drove – from your phone, any time.

What’s new?

After Smartcar made this good start, we took over and built out v 2.0 of the Teslabot using Passage AI language processing software. On top of the existing features, our revamped version includes:

  • Keyless driving ? You can now use Teslabot to not only lock and unlock your car’s doors, but also to start the engine, so that you’ll never have to use physical keys again.
  • Planning trips ?? Ask Elon whether you can make it to a certain destination based on your current battery charge. The virtual assistant will also help you find nearby EV charging stations.
  • Climate control ? Preheat your Tesla on a cool winter morning, and cool it down or vent the sunroof during a summer roadtrip.
  • Enhanced language processing ? We’ve enhanced Teslabot with our Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology that delivers 95% accuracy — an industry-leading rate.
  • Support for all Tesla models ? On top of the Models S and X, our chatbot is now also compatible with the Model 3 and the upcoming Model  Y.

“We’ve been impressed by the creativity of Passage AI’s team for a long time,” said Smartcar CEO Sahas Katta. “Now, they are using chatbots to rethink the automotive experience, which is particularly exciting for us. We’ve had an early sneak peek at some of the new features that Passage AI is bringing to the chatbot, and we can’t wait to see the product in the hands of customers.”

Want to see Teslabot in action for yourself? You can find it at or via Facebook Messenger Bot to put it to the test.

Teslabot v 2.0 - A virtual assistant for your Tesla cars | Product Hunt Embed