Build a conversational interface for your hospitality brand. Improve guest experience. Generate more revenue.

Leverage our state of the art deep learning algorithms to deploy a voice or text chatbot that helps guests book a room or a restaurant, find dining options and things to do or order room service. With very high accuracy!

Hospitality Use Cases

Common conversational use cases in Retail where a chatbot can be used to assist guests

Vacation Planning

Planning & Booking

Your chatbot can help your guests plan and book their dream vacation simply by stating their preferences. The bot can guide them through various available options, show pricing and other information and help them book a hotel, restaurant or an activity.

Hotel Concierge

Virtual Concierge

Guests can find dining and entertainment options, events and transportation during their stay. The virtual concierge can make recommendations based on your interests and book a table, an event or activity for your guest.

Alexa in room

In-room Assistant

An in-room assistant, working on voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, can help your guests control functions in the room, play music or turn on your favorite channel, order room service or request an extra set of towels.

Customer service

Customer Service

A Passage AI powered bot can help answer frequently asked hospitality related questions thereby reducing wait time, lowering customer service costs and improving agent productivity. The bot can also seamlessly handoff to your live agents when necessary.

Pre-trained Models & Hospitality Taxonomy

We have developed pre-trained deep learning models and a deep taxonomy that can help your bot perform at high accuracy


  • Cancellations
  • Personal Information
  • Preferences
  • Previous Stays
  • Subscriptions


  • Payments
  • Disputes

Hotel Finder

  • Filters
  • Online Reservations
  • Phone Reservations

Location Specific Features

  • Dining Options
  • In-room Service
  • Nightlife
  • Shows


  • Notifications
  • Packages
  • Special Discounts
  • Special Point Offers


  • Check-in
  • Check-out
  • Meetings & Events
  • Room Features
  • Track Order

Rewards/Loyalty Program

  • Points Redemption
  • Points Activity
  • Rewards

Platform Highlights


  • High accuracy (up to 95+% in field tests)
  • Native NLP support for 100+ languages
  • Text and voice capabilities
  • Fast and easy deployment
  • One-stop bot building, training, deployment, and analytics in the same console.


  • Deep vertical focus
  • State of the art deep learning
  • Zero-code bot builder
  • Intents, webhooks, decision trees, knowledge bases

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