Behind the Bot: How to Get a Chatbot to Do What You Want It to Do

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TechEmergence recently invited Passage AI to share how we think about building and deploying natural language (NLU/P) chatbots on its AI podcast series.

At Passage AI, we believe conversational AI is the key to unlocking employee potential, delivering outstanding 24/7 multi-language customer service, and driving more revenue— but the key to doing this well lies in the ability to do it accurately. 

In this podcast, TechEmergence CEO Dan Faggella and Passage AI CTO Madhu Mathihalli dig into what drives Passage AI’s industry-leading 95 percent accuracy, and answer other questions to help you understand the underlying technology. What makes a chatbot or a conversational interface actually work? What kind of work does one need to do to get a chatbot to do what one wants it to do?

Listen in here